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2011-10-22 23:22:21 by K-bron

Hi :I

So...How's NG? -w-

I can finally go home -w-

Screw my housemates. Screw Matt. Screw Joe. Screw Lauren. I'll see you in hell!! ^ ^


2011-01-30 14:57:08 by K-bron

I fucking swear!

All the "Trending Phrases" in Facebook are so stupid!!!

Unfair -___-

2011-01-23 23:49:44 by K-bron

Is someone mexican here at NG?

Have you heard of the Kalimba thing? (Kalimba is a mexican singer who was accused of sexualy attacking a teen in a hotel)

Since I'm living in Canada I don't know a lot about it, but accusing someone without evidence is fucking infair!!

And that girl was a fucking whore, I'm pissed off D<

- Dan

An apology

2011-01-22 22:05:03 by K-bron

I'd like to apologize for uploading my friends' art to NG, it's like if I'm saiyng "I'm a fucking emo that did something that he wasn't supposed to do -___-"

- Dan


2011-01-16 01:10:36 by K-bron

I can finally update this shit!

I hope you enjoyed christmas and spent a happy new year and blah blah blah .w.

Wow e.e

2010-12-15 17:09:46 by K-bron

My first year in NewGrounds and I see the Halloween version e.e

Pretty boring winter...

Wow e.e

Coming Soon

2010-12-03 16:40:08 by K-bron

A new flash :I

Maybe I'll upload it like in...January?


2010-11-06 00:38:51 by K-bron

They say I can't put just dots in a title, but I did :3



2010-10-26 19:29:26 by K-bron

I watched 'The Social Network', pretty good....